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Ceramic 9H Coating
ceramic 9h coating that lasts for 3 years
Protects up to 3 years
ceramic 9h protects against the elements
Defence against the elements
ceramic 9h keeps vehicle clean for longer
Stays cleaner longer
Assurance 2
Assurance 1
Assurance 4
Assurance 3
Assurance 6
Assurance 5
A surface that has been protected with Assurance Ceramic 9H Coating benefits from significant improvements in the following:

Scratch Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Ultra Violet Resistance
Hydrophobic Properties
Clarity and Gloss

The result is a finish that looks perfect, is easy to maintain and stays that way.
Simply clean with Aquanil or Wash & Wax and seal with Quick-N-Slick or  Endure XXL to ensure it's 3 year lifespan.

But why should Assurance be your ceramic coating of choice?

Simple to apply
Minimal cure time
Truly universal
Exactly 9H from 1 coat
Manufactured by us

This means that the time that you'll be apart from your vehicle will be minimal, whilst only a single product is required to treat all surfaces, minimising installer cost. It is a unique product manufactured by us and only available from us, with only a single coat being required to achieve 9H on the Mohs hardness scale.
If you have had Assurance applied, maintain it with these products:
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