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Odour Elimination and Fabric Protection



Fresh and clean smell for days


CroftScent is a super concentrated 100% ACTIVE formula, designed to leave what can only be described as a Fresh & Clean smell, lasting for days.


First Time Users: Remember, Croftscent is 100% active so, only use 1 full spray. A quick mist 6" above the floor is all that’s needed!

Even if you feel you need more, wait 15-20 minutes after you spray so it can settle down to its Fresh & Clean smell.


Use it anywhere you want days of a Fresh & Clean Smell - Cars - Trucks - Rooms and More!

Fabric Protector

Protects from spills and stains

An Eco Responsible High Performance formula, to help protect fabrics from water and oil base spills, even alcohol can’t penetrate.


Most spills can quickly be wiped up without penetrating the fabric. Spills don’t become hard-to-remove stains!


Once fabrics are treated; dirt, dust and even mud do not penetrate and are held loosely between the treated fibers, making it far easier to vacuum away.



Odour Eliminator

​Destroys bad smells


This Eco Responsible formula chemically binds and encapsulates odor causing materials, rendering them undetectable.


It eradicates odors, prevents them from returning.


Odor Eliminator contains a small amount of fragrance to provide a freshly cleaned scent while the product is being used.The fragrance dissipates very quickly, to prevent overpowering the user with fragrance odor.

Once used, the treated area will go back to what it once was.

Fabric Protector
Odour Eliminator
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