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Quick Detailer for Ultimate Gloss

Applies in direct sunlight
Shine & enhancement
Tops up protection

Protect your vehicle's reflection with The Last Detail.


Keep your vehicle looking just detailed with our spray on and wipe off technology.

Use The Last Detail on clean surfaces to instantly touch up your vehicles shine (paint, windows, mirrors, chrome, plastic and more).


Keep a car show shine!


The Last Detail is the last thing you will touch to keep your shine!


  • Instant detail touch up

  • Removes light finger prints, dust and more

  • A Spray on and wipe off technology

  • Wipes on and off easily and quickly

  • Use on paint-windows-chrome-plastic

  • Contains Biodegradable detergents

  • Contains high shine bonding agents

  • No Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  • No VOCs

Easy to use directions:

> Fold a microfibre cloth twice, giving you 8 sides to utilise

> Apply The Last Detail onto the surface with a few sprays

> Mist the microfibre cloth with a single spray

> Wipe in The Last Detail with the microfibre cloth to clean the surface
> Wipe off The Last Detail with a clean microfibre cloth and buff to a shine

A single 250ml bottle of The Last Detail will treat your car up to 6 times!

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