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All Purpose Cleaner

High power cleaning
Wheel cleaner
Interior safe

CroftgateUSA's Multi-Clean is an APC (All Purpose Cleaner) that cleans and removes contaminates normal cleaners can't touch.

It has the ability to remove heavier then normal dirt, films and pollutants like road debris, bugs, tar, bird droppings and much more.

Use it on the outside of your vehicle and on the inside!


Multi-Clean uses biodegradable surfactants which are strong enough to break up and lift away heavy dirt film, grime and debris but are also gentle enough to be used on fabrics and carpeting to remove many stains, grease and dirt. 

It has been designed to be sealant (Quick-N-Slick) and wax safe, so that your hard work in protecting your vehicle is not undone.


Easy to use directions:


> Use microfibre cloths – these gently lift and trap dirt loosened by Multi-Clean. This way, chances of causing micro-scratches on the top coat, or interior surfaces are avoided.

> Fold each microfibre cloth in half twice before use; this effectively gives you 8 clean pads to carry out your cleaning operation

> Spray the microfibre cloth with Multi-Clean to pre-wet, and then spray the area of the vehicle to be cleaned.

> Wipe over with the pre-wetted cloth to lift away dirt and grime; for stubborn stains, allow Multi-Clean to sit for 2-3 minutes before wiping them away.

> For carpets and upholstery:
Spray directly onto soiled area; rub gently to remove stains and dirt.

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