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Eraser sponges, set of 2

The Eraser (Pair)

  • Supplied in a set of 2

    The Eraser is an open cell melamine foam that has a unique microscopic structure; whilst appearing like a soft sponge, the resin formed foam is in fact as hard as glass when pressed against a hard surface.
    This abrasive nature is extremely useful in many cleaning scenarios.
    It is a great time saver and is a must have for professionals.


    - Scuffs on interiors
    Remove scuffs on door and car interior from shoes etc.

    - Transfer in scratches from paint, rubber or plastic
    An alternative to using harsh chemicals and polishing to remove all types of transferred material.

    - Light scratches on paintwork
    It acts like an abrasive polish removing minor scratches, especially useful for hard to reach areas such as finger nail scratches under door handles.

    - Polising bare metal
    A quick and easy touch up solution for bare metals such as wheels for example.

    - A quick alternative to light machine polishing
    Quickly remove marks that normal cleaners won't touch, saving time against resorting to machine polishing.

    How do you use:

    Clean the area first with Multi-Clean or HD Cleaner, to remove all dirt and grime that it can.
    Lubricate the surface with Multi-Clean and lightly pass The Eraser over the affected area.
    Do not use it any more than you have to, it is abrasive after all; be especially careful on gloss paint surfaces.
    As with all types of polishing, excessive force and product usage, can cause scratches.

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