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Depth Enhancing Spray Polish

Applies in direct sunlight
Shine enhancement
Water repellent

CroftgateUSA's Project-X is a depth and shine enhancer, specifically designed for dark coloured vehicles.

It acts like a glaze by minimising the visual effect of minor imperfections in the paint work and brings your vehicle back to it's true depth of colour.


Although the effect is most noticable on dark vehicles, it works on all colours, bringing you that step closer to paint perfection with the most flawless and rich coloured finish.


It can be applied in direct sunlight by hand or by machine polisher and will not adversely effect any other ajoining surfaces, such as trim and windows.


After applying, we recommend sealing the surface with Quick-N-Slick, this will protect the Project-X layer, extending it's lifetime.


Easy to use directions:

By hand:


> Fold a microfibre cloth twice, giving you 8 sides to utilise

> Apply Project-X onto the surface with a few sprays

> Mist the microfibre cloth with a single spray

> Wipe in Project-X with the microfibre cloth to clean the surface
> Wipe off Project-X with a clean microfibre cloth and buff to a shine


By machine:


> Use a foam finishing pad (Black, Red or Blue)

> Spray 1-2 sprays of Project-X onto the surface and 1 onto the pad

> Apply at a low speed (1000-1200 rpm)

> Work Project-X into the surface slowly over the entire area

> Remove any excess with a clean dry microfibre cloth


A single 750ml bottle of Project-X will treat your car up to 10 times!

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