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Polymer Polish & Paint Sealant

Applies in direct sunlight
Longterm protection
Water repellent

You'll never wax with traditional wax again:

CroftgateUSA's Quick-N-Slick is a sophisticated polymer sealant, that when used to treat a cleaned car, immediately shows an extreme brilliant shine. The new Reactive Polymer Technology begins to cure providing a long lasting, protective, detergent resistant coating and shine to be proud of. It continues curing and hardening over the next 24 hours and lasts in excess of 3 months. During this time, added antistatic properties continue to repel road dust.

Keep your car's valuable surface protected:

Every second your prized possession is outside, it is exposed to a potentially harmful environment. Things like; intense heat, acid rain, industrial pollution, road dirt, bird droppings, road salt and road tar, squashed bugs all cause damage to the painted finish. After a rain shower, when the sun comes out, the water droplets standing on the surface act like a miniature magnifying glass bringing intense heat to each area until they dry. Quick-N-Slick will protect your cars surface and produce a shine that you simply will not believe.

Easy to use directions:


> Clean your car thoroughly using Multi-Clean and Aquanil; product is only to be applied to a clean surface.
> Fold a clean, dry microfibre cloth twice, giving you 8 sides to utilise.
> Mist the towel with 2 sprays of Quick-N-Slick. Do not over apply.
> Treat the surface by rubbing gently to develop a deep, bright shine and a tangible slickness.
> Continue applying an area at a time, until vehicle is done.

A single 750ml bottle of Quick-N-Slick will treat your car up to 10 times!

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