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Rinseless wash & Wax

Applies in direct sunlight
Tops up protection
Water repellent
CroftgateUSA's Wash & Wax formula, is a blend of proprietary detergents that cleans, suspends and removes road dirt, bugs and grime while polishing and protecting the surface with advanced polymers and waxes.



This advanced formula creates lubricity, reducing friction on the surface being washed. Wash & Wax cleans and builds a deep lustrous shine that can only be achieved by using the finest waxes and polymers in the world.

The exclusive cross-linking polymer technology used by CroftgateUSA provides a soil and water repellent protective layer. This unique, protective coating makes water sheet off and prevents dirt adhesion to the paint surface.


  • Use on high gloss and matt finishes

  • Use on all non porous surfaces. (Body, Windows, Wheels, Bumpers).

  • Use on Cars, Trucks, Boats, Jet Ski, Motor Homes, and more.


Replaces traditional car wash shampoos that require rinsing which leads to hazardous compounds running into the ground. An efficient & effective, environmentally safe alternative to using a hose.

Reduces water usage by 95% or more.



No Phosphates ● No Caustics ● No Listed Hazardous Ingredients

 No Petroleum Distillates● No V.O.C's

Easy to use directions:

> Add 30-40ml (4-6 capfulls) of Wash & Wax into 4 litres of clean water

> Fold a microfibre cloth twice, giving you 8 sides to utilise

> Soak the microfibre cloth in the solution

> Wring out the microfibre cloth until it is no longer dripping

> Wipe the surface with the damp prepared cloth to clean
> Continue cleaning the area, rinsing and re-wetting the cloth as necessary

> Buff the cleaned surface with a clean dry microfibre cloth

A single 180ml bottle of Wash & Wax will wash your car up to 6 times!

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