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M&G Cleaner

Matt & Gloss Cleaner

Cleans and protects all vinyl finishes​

CroftgateUSA Wrap Care's Matt & Gloss Cleaner is an easy to use and fast acting cleaner for all wrap surfaces.


It's sophisticated blend of detergents and polymers, cleans and helps protect your valuable wrap surfaces.


  • For light and heavy duty cleaning (dirt, grease, oils, finger prints, dust and more)

  • Easy Spray and wipe technology

  • Matt retains the same clean look

  • Gloss will look more enhanced

  • Leaves a replenishing protectant sealant on surface

  • No Petroleum Solvents/No VOCs/ No listed Hazardous Materials

  • Formulated with materials to act and react with other - CroftgateUSA Wrap Care products


M&G Sealant

Matt & Gloss Sealant

Protects all vinyl finishes against contaminants​

CroftgateUSA Wrap Care's Matt & Gloss Sealant is an easy to use, water based tproduct to seal and protect your wrap, using the latest in polymer protection technology.


  • Easy spray and wipe technology

  • One sealant for both Matt & Gloss

  • Matt & Gloss retain their same look

  • Helps provide long term wrap protection

  • No Petroleum Solvents/No VOCs/ No listed Hazardous Materials

  • Formulated with materials to act and react with other Croftgateusa Wrap Care products


G&C Enhancer

Gloss & Colour Enhancer

Super magnifies depth and gloss - works wonders on Chrome​​


By its very nature, CroftgateUSA Wrap Care's Gloss & Color Enhancer leaves a coating that will adhere and magnify the Gloss & Color of your wrap.


This coating also helps to act as a barrier against most contaminants.


  • Illuminates your gloss and color!

  • Magnifies Gloss

  • Add depth to colors

  • Use for light cleaning and finger print removal

  • Spray on and wipe in technology

  • Water Based Eco Responsible Formula

  • Helps your wrap stand out from the others

  • No VOCs/ No listed Hazardous Materials

Surface Prep

Surface Prep
Surface Prep
Pre-Wrap surface treatment for professional installers

Ensures a clean surface, ideal for the application of vinyl wrap material.

An important part of wrapping a vehicle is how you prep the surface!


Surface Prep is part of a total Wrap Care system and does more then just clean and prep a surface.


  • Lifts and removes dust, road grime, oils, grease and more

  • Almost acts like a surface primer allowing a better spread and strong bond of vinyl adhesion to surface

  • Treats and prepares all hard surfaces

  • Helps ensure fewer customer issues like bubbles or loose adhesion

  • Use as a Surface Prep, even on very dirty surfaces.

  • No or Low odor -Easy to use wipe on and off.

  • Not Flammable/Zero VOC/No Petroleum Solvents/No Listed Hazardous Materials

  • Does not contain any alcohol or other materials that are easily in-haled, filling your work areas with strong or dangerous odours.

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